The Get To Attitude

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A couple of years ago, I had the good fortune to experience a Dean Whellams’ leadership workshop. His energy was contagious and his impact long lasting. Throughout the workshop, Dean talked to the team about how to network (he makes it seem so easy), the importance of building relationships and reframing our thoughts. All useful material for those enthusiastic about leadership and becoming the best version of yourselves.

The biggest take away from his workshop was the power of reframing our thoughts. Dean pointed out that when there is something on our to-do list, we think about it as something we “have to do”. When you stop and think, we actually “get to do” those things. We are in control of our actions and our time.

Adopting this mindset takes time and practice, but it is well worth the effort. The best way to embrace the “get to” attitude is to be aware of your words and thoughts. When you utter the words, “have to”, force yourself to reframe your words and say, “get to”.

To fully adopt the “get to” mindset, you have to believe what you are saying. In true form, Dean provided further inspiration to help you not just say “get to”, but to actually believe in it. He has a powerful acronym he wrote that forces you stop and think and shift from the “have to” mentality to the “GET TO” mentality:


Since we “get to” do things, we should give everything to the opportunity, big or small. After all, the little things in our lives often build into bigger things, and when new opportunities present themselves, we should be open to them, dive in and give it our all. You never know how a taking a chance, making a small tweak in action, or changing your thought could alter your life. Below are some examples of how to shift your mindset to the “get to” mentality:

Have To MindsetGet To Mindset
I have to do a boring task. I get to improve my skills at this task.
I have to have a difficult conversation
with an employee.
I get to help someone develop and
I have tolearn about a new trend in
the industry.
I get to something new that will help
me become better at my job.
Ihave to go to a networking event
and talk to people I don’t know.
I get to grow my network.
I have to train a new employee. I get to train a new employee
and eventually empower them to take
ownership of projects, which will take work
off my plate.

Once you shift your mentality, you will not only see how to easy it is to train your mind to see the positive, but you will also naturally start practicing gratitude. Once you reframe a statement, you can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity. Soon it will become second nature to see things through the “get to” lens.

As leaders, we have the opportunity to not only reframe our personal thoughts, but to help inspire those around us to adopt the “GET TO” mentality as well. We should be vested in trying to help them see things as an opportunity instead of an obligation or another task on their to-do list. Below is how leaders can help their team adopt the “get to” mentality:

  • Model the Way – your words matter, when presenting a task, frame it as something they “get to do”.
  • Flip the Script – when you hear an employee utter, “have to”, kindly flip the script for them by explaining how they “get to” do the task at hand and how it will help them learn and grow.
  • Practice the Mentality – during team meetings ask each member to share something they are excited about “getting to do”

The other benefit of adopting the “get to” mentality is that it allows you to elevate how you spend your time. If there is something that you find yourself saying “you have to do”, but struggle to identify its value, it may be time to cut it out of your life or eliminate it from the team’s workload. It’s worth repeating that you only you control your time and how you spend it, so make the most of it. Take the power of “get to” and use it to your advantage.

How do you give everything to the opportunity? Leave a comment.

If you are looking for a leadership coach to train your team, contact Dean at Team Elite Performance.

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