Marketing Is Not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

Photo by Jonas Lee on Unsplash

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for companies that fundamentally understood the power of marketing and communications. These businesses not only show their support by allocating money to the marketing/communications department, but they also gave the marketing team a seat at the leadership table and a voice to make an impact. I’ve also experienced companies that thought of marketing and communications as a luxury, too fluffy, not a priority, and at times an unnecessary part of the business. In these companies, I often worked with little to no budget, and I had to prove my value to earn respect.

I don’t fault those business leaders that understand the value marketing can bring to their businesses, since tracking the ROI on a marketing initiative isn’t as clear cut as a financial statement. If you are weary about the power of marketing, read below to learn how marketing can help your business.

Can You Sell This?
You’ve come up with a great product or service, now what? This is where marketing comes in. A skilled marketer will assess the product, research your competitors, segment your target audience(s), design the brand, create the personas and applicable messaging, execute the go to market strategy, manage public perceptions, and much more. A strategic marketing plan will enhance the customer journey and create brand loyalty.      

Marketers Are Often the Moral Compass
Marketers are generally very perceptive to customers’ needs and desires and believe in the power of transparency and authenticity. When included in challenging situations, marketing will help ensure the company is living up to its brand, mission statement and values, and will guide the business to make decisions that balance the needs of the business, employees, and customers.

We are your voice
Marketers can take your vision by translating it into a format that connects with consumers. When done well, marketing can influence consumer behaviors. During crisis situations, marketing will find a way to communicate the issue to the customer without lasting damage.

We are the Pragmatist
Great marketers have the ability to recognize the blind spots, see things from many different points of view, and understand the big picture. As a result, we often ask the tough questions that help you see the various potential outcomes and ensure that the customer remains at the center of business decisions. 

Valuing Your Marketing Team

If you are a leader that isn’t yet sold on the importance of marketing, give these things a try before eliminating marketing from your business functions.

A Marketing Budget Maximizes Effectiveness
While it is true that there are free marketing tactics, relying solely upon the freebies won’t maximize your business’ potential. Just like any other department within your business, marketers need a budget to be effective. As the old saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” Marketing helps you make money, so give marketing a budget to spend.

Loop in Your Marketing Person at the Beginning of Major Decisions
The easiest way to do this is by creating a spot for your marketing lead on the leadership team and respecting their input. By elevating the marketing leader, you will give him/her credibility, which will lead to more well-rounded decisions, synergy within your team, and ultimately better results.

Be open to our questions
Marketers tend to ask a lot of questions as they care about the details and they are processing the information from many different lenses. When they ask questions, be patient and forthcoming with your answers. They are helping you think through your decision and ensuring the plan will translate to your customers.

The largest and more revered companies in the world follow the steps above. Follow their lead and start showing marketing some love. To learn more about why you should utilize a marketing profession, read these articles 7 Reasons to Hire Marketing Experts Rather Than Doing It Yourself and Unleashing the Power of Marketing.

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