Value-Based Decision Making for Marketers

Each day marketers make hundreds of decisions. Some decisions are simple, while others are much more complex. The easy decisions are made in our subconscious, but when it comes to driving value for our company, we must be intentional to reach our goals and impact the lives of others.  

When you actually stop and think about how you made that decision, we can often trace a logical path. But when you look even deeper, you’ll recognize that it is often our ingrained values that drive your decision making. Experts call this value-based decision making. Understanding what our values are and how and why we make decisions is critical to our success.   

When it comes to business, marketers should play an integral role in helping companies make value-based decisions. Instead of just making decisions on autopilot, marketers should stop and think about why the company is doing what they are doing and how that will translate to the customers. If the answers you come up with are counter to the company’s values, then it is your role as a marketer to challenge the leadership to align with the stated values or to rework the values if they are no longer true. These efforts will translate into an authentic voice that will resonate with your customers.    

The key to successful value-based decision making for the marketing department comes down to recognizing what is important not just to the company, but to your customers. This allows you to focus on what is most important and to market with intentionality. Since many companies have several values, marketers need to be aware of the hierarchy of values to ensure their efforts are strategically aligned with what is most important.   

Marketers can drive value for their company by recognizing when integrity is in question. Great marketers then help their company live up to those values and extraordinary marketers find a way to convey those values in an authentic way to the consumer. When marketers use their power for good, the potential is endless. All it takes is slowing down, thinking through decisions, questioning with boldness, and working to ensure alignment.

Leave a comment below to share how your marketing department is making value-driven decisions.

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